Drowning in Altoids Tins: 5 Ideas to Reduce the Mess

My sister tends to rip through cases of Altoids with a speed that borders on frightening. Not Tic-Tacs, not gum, only Altoids. Even I have a couple empty tins floating around at any given time. I’ve never put in a lot of thought over what to do with them other than throwing them out, but after perusing Pinterest a bit I think I might start to save up a few. Links to the original instructions are in every title and photo–please be sure to check out their blogs!

1. Message Board

Altoids Tin Message Board
Design Sponge

I moved back in with my parents a little while ago and have been trying like hell not to put too many holes in the wall so that when I finally, FINALLY get my shit together and move out there won’t be too much repair work to do. Something like this could easily be put up with Command stickies. Or, if I want to get super-creative, I’d put small hinges in between each tin and let it sit on my computer desk like an accordion.


2. Pincushion/Sewing Kit

Altoids Tin Pincushion
My Recycled Bags

I have a tomato pincushion that I love to pieces (mostly because my mother and my grandmother both had the same kind), but there’s no reason not to have another, especially if  it comes with it’s own sewing kit inside. I have a super-basic Singer with a drawer that holds my odds and ends for repair work, but I’d love to have something to store embroidery floss for a current project.

(Oh, and if you ever wondered why the tomatoes and strawberries, this seems as good an explanation as any.)

3. Business Card Holder

Altoids Tin Business Card Holder
The Crafty Blog Stalker

Eventually my dad, sister and I want to go in on a table together at one of the local craft fairs, and when we do I’d like to get some cards printed (either just for myself or all three of us, I haven’t quite decided). Something like this would be absolutely perfect: Safe enough to toss in my purse but pretty enough to leave out on the sales table. However, I’d like to decorate it a little bit more.

4. Battery Pack

Altoids Tin Battery Pack

Full disclosure: I have no intention of doing this. I don’t know electrical systems, have never soldered anything and don’t have the appropriate tools. But when I found this tutorial I really, really wished that I could make one of these.

… At least I can make it pretty afterwards.

5. Candle

Altoids Tin Candle
Design Sponge

I haven’t made a candle since I was a Brownie in Girl Scouts years and years and years ago (I could have more recently while working at a GS camp, but I made mint-scented soap instead). Our troop leader had us making hand-dipped tapers, and if I recall correctly not one of them came out looking right. This seems so much easier to do, and can probably be stored in a junk drawer much more easily than my crooked-ass tapers ever were.


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